We make remarkably useful
web-based software.

We're passionate about making peoples' lives better by building elegant solutions to their problems.

We're experts in designing and developing web applications and websites. We make things people actually enjoy using by focusing on simplicity and usability.

The RareStep Approach

User Experience & Interface Design

Websites & software shouldn't be hard to use. Problem is, it's not that easy to take a complex problem and boil it down to a simple solution.

We design simple, intuitive user experiences that are both functional and beautiful. We never settle for less. That's what makes us unique.

Website & Application Development

We architect, design and implement elaborate websites and scalable web applications in less time with fewer resources. We get things done.

We favor user feedback over heavy process, and emphasize continuous software releases through small iterations.

Our Work

Fleetio Logo

Fleetio is a fleet management software system that makes it easy to manage vehicles.

Any person, business or organization with vehicles can use Fleetio to keep track of preventative maintenance & service, manage fuel expenses and keep all vehicle details in one place.

Fleetio is a RareStep product that we conceived, built and launched.

Contact Us

Mailing Address
PO Box 59904
Birmingham, AL 35259
1500 First Avenue North
Suite E114
Birmingham, AL 35203

Proudly based @ Innovation Depot
Fleetio HQ on foursquare